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Welcome to G.A.B. Survey and Reporting Website


Clerks who been using the new WisVote system are encouraged to use this survey to provide feedback on the various areas they have used.  WisVote users should submit a response for each bug or issue encountered.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Marianne Griffin​ at​ or (608) 266-3061. 


      Respond to This Survey: Results Reporting Survey

As you know, Act 261 requires that “on election night the [county] clerk shall post all returns, by ward or reporting unit, on an Internet site maintained by the county no later than 2 hours after receiving the returns.”  The Statutes had previously required county clerks to post all returns, but the new provision has raised questions regarding the interpretation of “all returns.”  At its April 26th meeting, the members of the Government Accountability Board asked staff to survey local election officials about the feasibility of meeting this new requirement and their current practices for posting election night returns.  The purpose of this survey is to collect information from county clerks about how results are currently reported to them on election night and determine which local contests are included in that results set.  We are also asking you to identify the impact on your election night procedures if the posting of results for local contests were to be required​.
If you need assistance or have any question regarding this survey, please contact Richard Rydecki at​ or (608) 261-2015.

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